An Emerging Hemp Industry Debate: Vape Shops vs. CBD Shops

An Emerging Hemp Industry Debate: Vape Shops vs. CBD Shops

20th May 2024

Are you interested in buying your CBD and other hemp-infused products in-person rather than online? If so, you might have no idea where you can even go looking for such products in your neighborhood. Well, we will be covering the types of brick-and-mortar stores that do offer hemp on their shelves: vape shops and CBD shops. As you’re about to find out, one business type is far more likely to satisfy your needs as a hemp consumer, over what the other can provide.

What are Vape Shops?

First, let’s talk about vape shops. In any given neighborhood, you’re far more likely to find vape shops compared to CBD shops. Vape shops are brick-and-mortar stores in which the bulk of their inventory revolves around the vaping industry – that is, products that’re made for vaping nicotine, like mods, pod systems, e-liquids, and the like.

So, what are hemp products doing in a store that specializes in supplying consumers with nicotine products? Well, it turns out that the vaping market and the CBD market came up around the same time, and there was a clear overlap between the markets, as hemp vaping products (which are free of nicotine) are very popular. So, it’s not surprising that tons of vape stores have carried hemp products, to diversify their inventory and appeal to those seeking out cannabinoids as opposed to just nicotine.

What are CBD Shops?

CBD shops are quite different from vape shops. Why? Because they specialize in carrying hemp products - often exclusively. But, they’re fewer and farther between, for a couple of reasons. One is that for CBD shops to succeed, there must be enough local demand for hemp, and some parts of the country are more enthusiastic about cannabinoids than others. Secondly, to carry hemp products, stores must go through more hoops, so to speak, than vape shops do, because of complex laws regarding hemp derivatives, and because of higher safety standards that come from agricultural departments in each state.

Naturally, the inventory of a CBD shop is different from that of a vape shop. Vape shops can carry hemp products, and often do, but CBD shops do not carry nicotine-based vaping products.

Comparing Vape Shops to CBD Shops

Now, keep in mind that in the cases of both vape shops and CBD shops, each store is going to be different. For example, some vape shops are going to have a whole corner of their store dedicated to just hemp products, while others may have a couple of products at most. Some CBD stores will specialize in just CBD, while others focus on maintaining a diverse selection of cannabinoids in their inventory. Basically, what we’re trying to say is that we’re going to be getting quite general in explaining the differences between the two types of businesses, so take into account that your local vape or CBD shop may be an outlier in terms of the factors below.

Now, with that being said, we do want to generally compare the types of businesses, because one is much better for consumers seeking out high-quality hemp products, in a wide selection of product types to choose from.

Selection of Hemp Products

First up, which business is more likely to offer a wide and diverse selection of products? The clear answer is CBD shops, as their inventory is dedicated to hemp products, as opposed to vaping products. Sure, you might find some vape shops that carry a decent variety of, say, delivery methods of strains, but ultimately, you’re always going to be able to choose from a larger array of options when you go to a CBD shop.

So, why does that matter? Because every consumer looking to buy hemp has a distinct purpose for doing so. Maybe they’re looking for a product that can help them manage their physical discomfort, or they want a product that can help them decompress after a long day. Or, maybe they’re simply seeking out the recreational effects of hemp. A CBD shop should offer a really good variety of delivery methods, product types, strengths, strains, flavors, and more, so that each customer can find precisely the product that they need in order to get relief.

Now, maybe this doesn’t seem like such a big deal, until you consider how different each cannabis product can feel and behave when we take it. For instance, if you want a product that helps you unwind at bedtime, you want to be able to choose from different cannabis strains, as some strains can actually do the opposite. Similarly, if you’re looking for a hemp product that doesn’t get you high, you would naturally want to know that the store you’re buying from offers a selection of nonintoxicating cannabinoids.

Hemp Expertise Among Employees

Another thing that makes a big difference is how knowledgeable the staff is when it comes to hemp. See, a lot of people who are visiting a store as something of a cannabis newbie may need some guidance when it comes to picking out the best product for their needs. We said in the section before this one that there are loads of products out there which can behave very differently from one another, and if the customer doesn’t have a good deal of knowledge going into the store, they can very well end up with a product that goes against what they need.

Say a customer is looking for a psychoactive cannabinoid that’s suitable for someone with a low tolerance. If you’re a store employee who doesn’t know much about hemp, you could very well end up recommending something like THC-P to them, which is the most potent intoxicant in cannabis. This would naturally backfire, as in all likelihood, the high would be way too strong for the customer, and potentially cause side effects like anxiety.

Of course, a CBD shop is more likely to be employed by knowledgeable individuals than a vape store, where staff are primarily trained in a totally different market. This way, first-timers can walk into a CBD shop and have all of their questions answered.

Quality of Hemp Products

You will likely find far better quality standards among products sold in a CBD shop. Why? Because these stores are relying on satisfied customers for their revenue. Vape shops mainly depend on the money made from vaping goods; with the CBD products they carry being sort of the icing on the cake. If the CBD products don’t satisfy, it’s not a huge deal, since that’s not their big moneymaker.

With CBD shops, it’s totally different. If customers aren’t happy with their products, the business’ reputation will take a nosedive, and struggle to sustain itself. And, there’s another factor. Vape shop store owners may be carrying low-quality hemp products because they simply don’t know enough about the industry to be discerning. Those who run CBD shops are far more likely to know how to source only the absolute best inventory for their establishment.

Deals and Promotions

Finally, there’s the fact that CBD shops are more likely to offer deals and promotions throughout the year, such as loyalty programs, flash sales, coupon codes, and more. This is great if you’re someone who wants to save money on hemp, and also wants to feel appreciated for your business.

CBD Shops are Clearly the Better Option!

It’s clear that CBD shops offer a far more satisfying experience to hemp enthusiasts over vape shops, by design. And, if you’re in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’re in luck, because you can head on over to Pure Remedies CBD and explore our vast selection of premium hemp products, made by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Our CBD shop provides you with outstanding formulas, and a knowledgeable team of employees who are ready to guide you to a successful routine. Visit us today!