How CBD Can Help Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Pets

How CBD Can Help Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Pets

13th Dec 2022

The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, pets included. So many new faces are coming and going from your personal space and invading the area that your pets know to belong to only you and them. There's also the hustle and bustle of holiday plans and even travel, which can be extra stressful for pets who aren't used to a fast-paced life.

So, what can you do about all this stress? CBD has been shown to reduce stress in pets, and some CBD pet treats could be the perfect solution for your pet's holiday stress.

Pet Health Tips: CBD Pet Treats

Natural Stress Reliever

CBD contains compounds proven to help reduce stress in the human body. It works just as well for pets, soothing their nerves when they're stressed. In stressful situations where your pet may become agitated by many unknown faces coming and going from your home, for example, you may want to introduce a CBD supplement to their food. It will help to calm their nerves and chill them out, making your home more pleasant for your guests and your pet. This calming effect can be extra helpful with larger pets like dogs that might get territorial around unfamiliar people.


CBD pet treats are also great for travel, as no one wants to listen to a mewling cat or barking dog for hours. They'll be much more relaxed if you introduce a CBD supplement to their food before you take a flight or get in the car. Be sure to follow the guidelines on the packaging for how much to give them and how long the effects will last.

Pure Remedies CBD

With so many suppliers offering CBD supplements, it can be hard to know who is reliable. Pure Remedies CBD has a proven track record of quality and excellence in providing humans and animals with calming CBD supplements. We have many satisfied customer reviews to prove it. Check out our website and see the various CBD products we offer. We have a wide range of supplements, so one of these CBD pet treats is sure to be the answer to your pet's holiday stress. If you need further information, give us a call at 803-548-1355.