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CBN Oils, Edibles, and More

You may have heard of CBN. Maybe you've heard about it before in passing, or possibly not at all? Is it a new compound made up by evil scientists? While that would be exciting, the answer is no. CBN is short for cannabinol. Yes, it sounds like cannabidiol (CBD), but they're not the same. It was discovered almost a century ago, but its popularity is rising. Here's what you need to know about CBN.

What Is CBN?

CBN is a cannabinoid like CBD. It's actually a metabolite of THC. You'll find CBN in marijuana and hemp plants that have been exposed to sunlight for long periods. It's normal to find trace amounts of CBN in cannabinoid products, and the percentage of CBN increases over a plant's life. Now you might think, "if it's found in marijuana and hemp plants, does it make you high?" No. CBN oil is said to be milder than THC because it's non-psychoactive, meaning CBN won't alter your mind.

Are There Benefits To CBN?

It would be great if CBN was well-researched, but mostly research is still in progress. While we may not have as much scientific research on CBN as we do for CBD, we've read plenty of testimonials and even had customers share the benefits they experienced using CBN oil and CBN gummies.

According to customers, some ways that CBN benefits them includes:

    - Promotion of relaxation for sleep
    - Soothes pain
    - Calms aching muscles
    - Stimulates appetite

Is CBN Oil Used For Sleep?

Sleep is what CBN is mostly used for. Some people have said CBN causes drowsiness and should only be taken at night. Of course, this effect will vary depending on the person, so your best bet is to take CBN yourself and see. We have plenty of CBN oils and CBN gummies available, so place an order!

What's the difference between CBN vs CBD?

CBN and CBD are both cannabinoids, but they're different. How different are they? We'll know more as research for CBN comes out.

The most recent research has shown that CBD is more effective at soothing and calming people in distress. It's also shown that it's better at relieving aches and pain. On the contrary, CBN is touted more for its sleep effects, promoting long and healthy sleep. If you're truly curious, compare how you feel on both cannabinoids, and be sure to let us know the results!

Why Is CBN Not Researched As Much As CBD?

A cannabinoid being discovered but not heavily researched over nearly a century might seem weird, but the reason for that is simple. CBN is a lot harder to make than CBD. It's also not very practical.

To make CBN, growers would have to expose marijuana or hemp plants to the sun for long periods. In this process, they'd lose THC, and it would become CBN. CBN isn't what was selling at the time. THC did sell, and it sold so well that most people didn't look back at CBN.

It wasn't until the cannabinoid market looked into CBN as a sleep aid that research began. The first step in that research was to speed up the THC oxidation process. FloraWorks developed a faster method and found a way to purify CBN into CBN isolate. It won't take much time for CBN to be well-researched, and scientists are in the process right now.

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