"I wanted to let you know I've been telling a lot of my friends about your store and all your helpful products.  My friend Shelly couldn't thank me enough for telling her about your store and my friend Jill meet me there last Saturday and bought some stuff. I wanted to let you know I'm getting the word out about how much we ( the hubby and I ) love your products!!"   - Lorinda C.

"Always professional and helpful. Solid advice and thorough product explanation every time! Amber helped me today and the entire staff is awesome!"Jessica M.
"Exceptionally knowledgeable staff and welcoming boutique-like shop. A great local resource, we'll certainly continue shopping there."Timothy O.

"Ya’ll are the BEST discovery I ever made. I am soooooo happy!!  Momma just called to tell me that she had the BEST appointment EVER for her Parkinson's!!! The doctor was AMAZED at how well she is doing. She told him she has been taking the CBD oil and he said keep on taking it cause you have IMPROVED so much!!!"  - Jill S.

"Just wanted to thank you all for your product guidance, the sleep gummies are a GAME CHANGER!!"  - Julie E.

"Thank you all for carrying such great products!  My boyfriends 15 year old dog is feeling so much better and actually walked up the stairs on his own for the first time in 6 months."  - Morgan L.

"Great little local spot. Everything is neat and displayed well. The people are nice and easy to communicate with. Amber helped us out. We weren’t sure what to try but she asked questions to give us the best product for us to use and she recommended some great products! She told us they even get new products in as well so we will be back again to see her and try some new products!"Megan B.

"This first week back of in school has been stressful to say the least... The CBD oil from your store helped me manage my anxiety and I'm thankful!"  - Jessica T.

"After taking R&R CBD oil for 2 months, my blood pressure is back in normal range!"  - Evan H.

 "The Fiber product has had a positive effect from dose 1 All my problems/issues gone completely in 3 days! “Undiagnosed” by doctors for 12 years."  - Amy C.

"I’ve been having back and shoulder issues and then having to modify my workouts for sometime. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and last week I purchased CBD pain cream. I used it it for 4 days then went to the chiropractor yesterday. He released me back to working out with out any mods and said I was 99% improved and asked what I did differently. I am so excited and definitely recommend these products!"Cheryl D.

"Wow! My wife went in to purchase some items for my parents to combat pain and we were so impressed with Ryan's customer service. He was super friendly, warm and knowledgeable. The store was well organized and carried a great variety of products designed to cure many ailments. We highly recommend!"  - Warren P.
"Absolutely love this store. The employee, Ryan, helped us out and was very knowledgeable. We've been to a couple different stores locally and hands down this is the best one we have been to. Thank you for the amazing customer service!"  - Kayla T.


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