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What is Topical CBD?

A topical is any cream, balm, lotion, or salve. CBD is a chemical found in the plant Cannabis Sativa. The CBD is homogenized into a topical medium to create topical CBD.

How Does Topical CBD Work

Using Topical CBD, also known as CBD salve, is very simple. Find the places you want to treat and apply the topical to them.

Some people ask, "how long should you leave topical CBD on?" There isn't really an answer to that question. Most topicals will be absorbed into the skin much like a lotion would. Generally, it just takes five minutes or less for the topical to be absorbed, but that can vary slightly depending on the product. Some topical CBD gels could leave a sticky texture. You may want to get rid of this feeling, but it's important that you wait at least 15 minutes. Refer to your product's instructions for this information.

When Will Topical CBD Leave Your System?

Topical CBD effects usually lasts for 6 hours, but this all depends on your body and your product. Our selection is full of high-quality topicals so you can be sure you are finding the best type of products for your needs.

Some people also ask, "how long does CBD stay in your system," in reference to DUI charges. CBD is legal in most states except Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

We can't determine if you will receive a DUI, so research your state's law, but topical CBDs generally aren't listed as a controlled substance, so it doesn't impair drivers. On the other hand, using Topical CBD with THC can result in a DUI.

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